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Turbine montor of Auto air conditioning bellows(Plastic Rear Cover)

Turbine montor of Auto air conditioning bellows(Plastic Rear Cover).
Product Details

Product introduction: Turbine Montor Of Auto Air Conditioning Bellows is the key part of the air condition in the car, it  belongs the  temperature adjustment system of the car.
production process: Injection molding with PP T20
Injection tool information: 1+1 family tool, with Groditz 738H core/cavity steel
Major market:North America, Europe
Part size: 667X282X254mm

Plastic material: PP T20

Resin material is compliance with Rohs requirement.

Cavity No: 1+1 

Steel material: Groditz 738H                                                                                                       

Hot runner: YUDO hot runner 7 drops valve gate

Mold size: 1830X1140X1186mm                                                                                                  

Mold weight: 12650 KG

Special Mold structure: Inner pull core, slider in 4 side

what kenmold can do:  

kenmold would consider the function of the parts and help customers to perfect the design of tools. kenmold can design specifically for each vehicle model.

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