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Plastic injection part for medical field air filter & veress needle

Plastic injection part for medical field /Medical parts;

Minimally invasive surgical equipment.

medical oem filter

Product Details

Medical Plastic injection part is Composed of filter tube, filter component and connection plug, Air filter works as a medium of air inflation and filtrstion during surgery, and medical injection molding can is applicable to do the fitration of the air particles to prevent the impurities entering human body during surgery. And the smoke filter can do the filtrion of harmful substances.

Service: Independent R&D, part development


Compatible with most equipments,

Adequate softness of the tubing prevents kinking,

Medical grade material used,

Different connectors for options.



Complete package design, Sterilization and non-sterilization general packaging per clients idea or request.

Plastic injection part for medical fieldmedical injection molding

Veress Needle is composed of needle base, tube(tube and cpres)and air inflation base. It is used for CO2 to enter the abdominal cavity after pu-ncturing during surgery.

Plastic injection part for medical field

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