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Plastic Injection Molding
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injection mold tooling

Plastic Injection Mold Tooling

The key factors of high quality injection mold tooling are: Good mold design, high-precision machining equipment, seasoned bench workers and a good management team. In KENMOLD, we have them all. Our 50+ tooling engineers are very experienced in American Tooling Standard and Europe. Our ISO 9001: 2008 system ensures every process is controlled.

Equipped with several latest High Speed CNC Machines- horizontal and vertical, Wire Cutting E.D.M., Slow Speed Wire-Cutting, and more, KENMOLD's vast experience in Injection Mold Tooling includes: 

-MUD mold; 

-Gas-Assist mold;

-2-Shot mold;

-Insert (over) mold;



We also do OEM services for die casting, metal, rubber and LSR mold manufacturing and product building.


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