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With our team of experienced engineers in tooling, moulding, electronics and polymer sciences,  Kenmold offers assistance to our customers with Research and Development. From customer concept to end product, Kenmold engineers can create 2D and 3D part drawings, design and build mold, moulding parts, assembly, custom package etc.  All facets of our Research and Development efforts maintain complete confidentiality and IP protect.

STEP I    Concept: Visualization and quotation

This phase helps the team determine feasibility in the design of your product. It involves understanding your goals and desired end result. To visualize potential solutions, we offer  prototypes, recommendations, technologies and market perceptions with observations of end users to investigate the prospective needs for that product.  combination of ideas, technologies and market perceptions with observations of real world users to investigate potential needs that the product. Our quotation will include the full description and results of this observation.

STEP 2    Tool Design and building: Contracting accessory parts and outsourcing

During this phase, the team verifies feasibility and completes product design. Once customer approval is established, production mold (or prototype mold if part of the program) is tooled. All the components will be outsourced at the same time. An integrated project management group is in charge of this phase.

STEP 3    T1, Injection: Assembly implemented

The purpose of this phase is to do initial setup and run of the mold, and assemble those parts and components according to customer’s instruction for verification that the product meets specifications. Also, after initial startup, the team focuses on bringing the tool up to a production run capacity with attention to cycle time, etc.

STEP 4    Modification: Quality test

Based on the customer’s first article report (the details of which are defined in the rfq and PO phase of the program) a specified number of samples are tested concerning their function either by client or a third party to meet specified standards. This can include DFMEA, ISR, various quality reports, etc, based on the stipulations of the RFQ and Purchase Order.


STEP 5    Finalize: Molds/Technology documents transfer to customer

By the end of this phase, the team will deliver a fully functional design model, tooling databases, appropriate documentation, and the mold/product to the client as outlined in the Purchase Order.


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