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Plastic Injection Molding
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Injection Molding

With over 20 presses range from 25T to 1250T as well as State-of-the-Art Clean Room, Kenmold offers the following in the area of Injection molding

• Low-Volume Production

• High-Volume Production

• Short-Run molding

Two Shot Molding

Two shot molding is used to mold together two different colors or two different materials. Common usage is in decorating esthetic plastic parts such as personal computer keyboard keycaps or automotive indicator knobs that require backlighting as shown. Another use is to mold together two dissimilar materials such as Nylon and thermoplastic elastomer. Here the nylon may be required for functionality of a part and the elastomer could be used for feel and esthetic purposes.

Processing of two shot is usually performed by using BI-injection or pre-mold/over-mold concept. BI-injection is available in both horizontal and vertical presses.

Kenmold has both horizontal and vertical BI-injection presses for 2 shot molding. We have over 20+ years’ experience in 2-shot molding.

Over Molding

Insert Molding replaces metal and plastic assemblies, and components made solely of plastic or metal. This unique manufacturing process combines metal and plastic, ceramics, or multiple combinations of materials, components and plastic into a single unit. The process uses engineering plastics for improved wear resistance, tensile strength and weight reduction and uses metallic materials for strength and conductivity. The result is a single heterogeneous composite that always provides superior functional performance to any other manufacturing alternative for products requiring high current applications.

Printing & Painting / Coating & Plating(EMI)

In order to give customer the full service for molds and parts, besides the tooling and molding business, Kenmold also supplies service in printing & painting / coating & plating

For the printing and painting, we supply single-color printing, double color printing and also multi-color printing for both flat surface and curve surface. What we need to support the printing is AI artwork file and pantone color number.

For the coating and plating, we support for both molds and plastic parts, for plastic part, what we usually supply is zinc plating and if for the molds which will run corrosive material like PVC, rubber, we will supply the chrome plating or coating to the molds to avoid corrosion during production


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