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  • WKU R&D Center, 2413 Nashville Rd., Bowling Green, KY
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  • Kenmold: A one-stop plastic Injection mold and plastic parts manufacture
    Kenmold: A one-stop plastic Injection mold and plastic parts manufacture

    As a one-stop plastic Injection mold builder and plastic parts manufacturer, Kenmold strives to help our customers solve design issues, concerns and other problems in the initial stages to help them launch their products into the market quicker. We have one product used by firefighters, it has total 5 components and assembled together. The first problem we had when doing this project was the part ...

  • Pool bike project
    Pool bike project

    Introduction In mid 2005, The CEO of Kenmold. Mr. Zhong Jianwu sat in his office reflecting upon the events of the past few months. His company had recently turned a corner in the business of contract manufacturing and product development. Profits were up, business was booming, and the world market had shifted such that his firm was well positioned to grow. However, Mr. Zhong Jianwu couldn't help ...

  • Vacuum cleaner HW508
    Vacuum cleaner HW508

    And then was the phase of mold building. Our company used CNC, EDM, wire cutting, milling machine, grinding machine, polishing, and heat treatment and so on to build the mold. We priced the mold at 120 thousand RMB, but at last the price was lowered to 110 thousand RMB after two parties' negotiation. That was almost the cost price, but we agreed at that price considering further long-term cooperat...

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