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Engineering services


Kenmold provides a one-stop total solution service, including new product R&D, mold manufacturing, Injection molding, assembly, packaging and a host of secondary operations.


We respect every customer’s idea and are committed to using our expertise to help them to realize their idea through our engineering services. We run variety of scenarios to transition their concepts to final customized products. For example,

Hobby Table case

Kenmold reengineered the entire unit based on the images and samples shared by customer and our understanding of the table’s function to make it injection moldable thus reducing the cost and lead time to the customer.  The Hobby table is designed with the best height, reduced weight, smooth and textured surfaces and materials safe for children’s use.


Project comprised: 3 injection molds

Cavitation: 1x1, 1x8 and 1x1

Steel: P20

Resin material: HIPS 

Final assembled product

Partially assembled product


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