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Vacuum cleaner HW508


And then was the phase of mold building. Our company used CNC, EDM, wire cutting, milling machine, grinding machine, polishing, and heat treatment and so on to build the mold. We priced the mold at 120 thousand RMB, but at last the price was lowered to 110 thousand RMB after two parties' negotiation. That was almost the cost price, but we agreed at that price considering further long-term cooperation.

Then our company need to do is injection and assembly. In the process of assembling, we needed relevant fitting parts, such as electric (al) motor, power cord, spring, circuit board, dust bag and so on. We often buy fitting parts from professional factories. At that time, the factory we contacted at first which produced power cord was very busy, and their price of product was very high too, it was urgent that we had not enough time to deliver the parts. So the outsourcing department contacted with another factory. After negotiation we lowered the price of the power cord from 5RMB to 4.8RMB, and it saved cost too. Usually, fitting parts which were outsourced were scheduled in advance, if we find the parts have some quality problems or the parts can’t meet the clients' requirements, we will inform the supplier to produce again in time. Every fitting part on the vacuum cleaner needed functional and life test, for example, testing vacuum degree of the vacuum cleaner with tube. First we should insert the tube, then put the testing pipe into the inlet of the tube, and cover the inlet with hand. Then we see whether the results on the vacuum meter meet the requirements and the indicator turn red or not. Unaccepted products would be signed with a label and put in certain area. Only after every part and the complete appliance reached the standard that they could be packaged.

After finished the parts drawing, we communicated with the Korean clients. Then they brought forward some simple requests, we modified again according to their requests. After communication and discussing, we confirmed the part and mold drawing. And then we estimate the mold cost and quote according to the molds’ materials and technical difficulties. Owing to our design team' s wisdom and technique that the cost of the product was lowered , finally we made the price at 14$for each product.

In the mid October 2007, after finishing all the work we delivered the products to Intertek Testing Services Ltd for safety inspection, and it was an important step to go abroad. About half a month passed, our vacuum cleaner got Test Certificate according to the Equipment and Product Safety Law. At the end of the October we delivered the products to Korean by ship. We also would arrange the final on site inspection in order to ensure everything is perfect. Of course, our staff would do our best to provide service for our clients at any time if they need help.

Although we would meet some problems when carrying out our project, our technicians with years experience can always solve them successfully. With the support of our technical team, our customer can always trust us.


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