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Your ONE-STOP Supplier for Plastics !


Manufacturing your product overseas may seem daunting at first. Kenmold is a plastic injection molder that focuses on making it easy for you to come to us with even just an idea, and we turn your idea into a reality. Kenmold is your ONE-STOP supplier for all of your injection molding needs, from concept to final product. What does one-stop supplier mean to us here at Kenmold? From the start, our expert staff in the USA discusses your idea with you. Whether it is plastic injection molded automotive part, or plastic toy molding, we turn your idea into a project design that is ready to be sent over to our team in China. Our China team will work with you to design an efficient mold that will suit your needs, regardless of your industry knowledge.

We can design and tailor the mold to your exact specifications, and make a mold that works right every time. Then, we mold your parts or ship your mold to you to be molded at a shop of your choice in the USA. All of this is what makes Kenmold your ONE-STOP solution for injection mold manufacturing.

That is what Kenmold’s One Stop philosophy means to us. It means you don’t need to waste valuable time, money, and manpower working with multiple agencies to get your project completed. It means getting it right the first time, so that your plastic injection molding project is done on time, and on budget. Kenmold is dedicated to assisting you with your next custom molding project. Contact us today for more information on our injection molding solutions.

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