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Kenmold Injection Molding in 2021


Mold Maker

In the manufacturing industry, Covid-19 has had a major impact on manufacturer’s capabilities. Kenmold slowed down operations to accommodate for our employee’s safety, and have taken measures to protect our customers including sterilizing and sanitizing products shipped to the United States and Europe. Although operations have shut down for some, Kenmold is proud to be operating at full capacity and offering quicker lead times for our customers in the United States. Now, we must look forward, past 2020 to see what Kenmold needs to do for our customers in 2021 and beyond. Being a Chinese Mold Maker, we are at the forefront of affordable mold building. Our customers demand a high level of accuracy and quality, while at the same time delivering at an affordable cost. We are doing everything we can to be available to our customers for all of their injection molding projects, from the medical to the automotive industry.

Custom molds take time for planning, design, and configuration before they can be implemented into the manufacturing process. Get started today with one of our US sales staff members to work on your project before the busy holiday season hits, so that we can prepare your project to be ready by 2021. Our injection tools take time, and getting started early will allow us to deliver your mold for injection molding at both a high quality, and in a timely manner. Contact us today so that we can be your injection mold supplier tomorrow.


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