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When you reach out to a new offshore mold supplier, you want to be certain that the team you are working with is both qualified, and consistent. At Kenmold, Quality Control is one of our top priorities. While you will never pay for products that may need to be returned, we know it is time consuming to return poorly machined molds or poorly molded parts. Using our state-of-the-art Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM), we are able to measure each molded part precisely and be sure that they meet your specifications before they make it to you. Whether you are working on low tolerance HDPE piping, or injection molded toy parts, Kenmold can maintain a high level of consistency and accuracy. In addition, we offer complete tooling maintenance from our partner shops in the United States, should your mold need maintenance.

Finally, our warranty coverage for your molds is one of the best of any Chinese mold maker. Each injection molded part and machined mold comes with our full warranty for 8 months. We offer this with confidence that our molds will last up to and beyond the quoted mold life, allowing you to have peace of mind when ordering through Kenmold.

Speak with our sales staff located in Bowling Green, Kentucky on the phone today to learn more about how Kenmold strives to make consistent, quality injection mold tooling and injection molded parts.


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