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Driving Business through LinkedIn


At Kenmold, we strive to innovate on a day-to-day basis. Keeping up with Global business practices is important for all industries including companies that are on the cutting edge of the plastic injection mold industry. Our Kenmold North America team works daily to keep up and pioneer practices in the plastics industry by taking advantage of technologies and resources that are less often used in the plastics industry.

LinkedIn is a great way to drive business and keep your customers up to date on what is happening at your company. Here we have outlined three key steps to run a successful LinkedIn page and keep up to date with your customers in the plastic injection mold industry.

1.    Posting Frequently

The cornerstone of running a successful LinkedIn page and keeping up to date with your customers is to post on a regular basis. The team at Kenmold works to post a few times a month and show what we are working on at any given time. As with all industries consistent communication is key to developing a presence on social media, and molds for injection molding are no exception.

2.    Inviting your Connections

Another great way to develop business on LinkedIn is to invite your existing connections to your business page. When we start work on any plastic injection molded parts, from plastic toy molding to automotive molds, we make sure to invite our customers to the page so they can keep up with what is going on at Kenmold. This process ensures that customers can have a continued relationship and connection to your company throughout the project duration and beyond.

3.    Quality Content

In the plastics industry, you want the quality of your content to reflect the quality of your product. We strive to be a Chinese injection molder that builds high quality tools and consistent parts as well as providing a North American presence to assist with customer needs. Alongside those goals, we want to create content of a similar quality. This shows past, current, and future customers that we are not willing to cut corners on our mold builds or the parts we produce.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to build and maintain relationships with customers. Contact us today for more information and see why we are the leader in building Injection Molds and providing parts for Plastics Industry for over the past 20 years. We would like to help you bring your next project to life! On time on target and on Budget!


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