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How to choose an Injection Mold Supplier


Injection tooling supplier

In today’s Global market when looking for a tool shop there are many choices for plastic injection mold builders. When looking for suppliers, you’ll need to decide whether you want to source domestically or from overseas. Typically, overseas suppliers are located in Asian countries like China, India and Taiwan. That’s because it’s often cheaper to source your tooling overseas, especially in these countries. But there's more to the decision than cost. Both domestic and overseas sourcing have their advantages and disadvantages:

Domestic sourcing


  • Easier to verify manufacturing quality and labor standards.
  • Easier communication with no language barrier.
  • Marketing appeal of being made in North America.
  • Easier to verify reputable manufacturers.


  • Higher manufacturing costs.
  • Higher labor costs.
  • Longer lead-Times

Overseas sourcing


  • Lower manufacturing costs.
  • High number of manufacturers to choose from.
  • Quicker lead-times


  • Lower perceived quality.
  • Language, communication and time zone barriers can be difficult to navigate.
  • Difficult to verify manufacturer and visit on-site.
  • Longer shipping time.
  • Product importation and customs clearance.

Finding an overseas shop that can have the same advantages as both a domestic and overseas shop and eliminating the disadvantages can be hard to find.

But it is possible with Kenmold.

Kenmold has been building cost -effective custom molds, die-cast and rubber for over two decades and supplying to the US and Europe. We are ISO9001, ISO13485, TS16949 and IATF 16949 Certified.

We meet the highest quality standards with the cost-effective solutions in this global market. We have Highly qualified staff in the US to manage your projects the same as a domestic tool shop. We are here to support you every step of the tool build process until you are in production, and we continue to support you after production with our domestic tooling partners as well for any engineering changes or support needed while you’re in production.

We hope you consider Kenmold for your next tool build the same as our existing customers. We want to partner with you for a long-term relationship on your future projects.

Please contact Kenmold for your future projects.
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