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Versatile Android-based handheld platform designed Verifier Sentry

The Verifier Sentry is a versatile Android-based handheld platform designed for a range of mobile authentication use cases.
Product Details

The Verifier Sentry is a versatile Android-based handheld platform designed for a range of mobile authentication use cases. Whether conducting rapid in-field identification of subjects, authenticating workers at facility access points, travelers

at border crossings or authenticating identities within a correctional facility, the Verifier Sentry is uniquely suited to your identity task. 

As a complex ID/fingerprint indentify machine, it need high accuracy.

The product is finished with multi overmolding process, including plastic and metal components. The overmolding should be smooth and in good adhesion condition, free of flash and sharp corner. The tooling dimension and injection parameter should be in perfect condition to match these part quality requirement.

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