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As a one-stop plastic Injection mold builder and plastic parts manufacturer, Kenmold strives to help our customers solve design issues, concerns and other problems in the initial stages to help them launch their products into the market quicker.

We have one product used by firefighters, it has total 5 components and assembled together.

The first problem we had when doing this project was the part assembly clearance. As mentioned, this part includes 5 components to be assembled together, and mismatch was not allowed. To achieve this at the design stage we did a mold flow analysis to avoid part deflection, and we did trials with several different materials.

The second problem is that because this product is used for firefighters, it needed to have high strength and it needed to be as light as possible. After several meetings with material suppliers, we continued to search the best material combination that could meet the impact requirement as well as the best fitting condition mentioned above. We finally found the best material that solved the part strength as well as the weight concerns and it didn’t affect part assembly. Our customer was very satisfied with the end results.


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