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Quoting with Kenmold -- A new plastic injection molding project


When making a decision to buy something, we love options. Options give us different perspectives, different opinions, and allows us to think about which option will be best. When quoting a new plastic injection molding project, customers want options. Who submits the quickest quote? Who has the best lead time? Who has the best price? Some factors may stick out more than others, but they are all present when making a final decision. At Kenmold we deliver on all three of those options and many more.

Kenmold can return a tooling and/or molding quote in just two business days. We also strive for the best lead times and pricing for our customers. Our team of Account Managers and Engineers work tirelessly to get a quote exactly to a customers liking so that we can win the business. We also quote multiple options on quotes in regards to the cavitation, the steel grade, the cycle time, the use of hot runner/cold runner, and much more.  Keeping a project “on time, on target” starts with a quote. If we are in agreement on the quote, it makes the next steps of the project that much easier. If you are needing a quote for a project, feel free to comment below and we would love to assist you and your team. Also give us a call at 270-991-5578 and speak to one of our team members.


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