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In our everyday business cycle here at Kenmold, we are constantly receiving Requests for Quotation from our valued customers. These RFQ’s are the first step in starting a brand new plastic injection molding process with Kenmold. For all custom molds, there are two parts of the process that are of the utmost importance; RFQ turnaround time and ease of access.

Whenever we receive a new RFQ for custom plastic injection molding or molds for injection molding, we understand that receiving the information requested in a timely manner is extremely valuable to our customers. That’s why we return standard quotes in two business days or less. This allows our customers to get the information they need as soon as possible, and capitalize on our fast lead times. The second important thing is providing an RFQ with as little or as much information as the customer can provide. For mold tooling, all we need to know is the steel type or estimated volume, the raw material, and CAD drawings. With these three things Kenmold can provide a quotation for your next project. Likewise, we can also provide a quotation that meets our customers vast arrays of specifications and requirements. Just like any mold factory in the US, we provide US based customer support, engineering, and communication. Please reach out to Kenmold at our USA office in Kentucky for more information, so we can become your next mold supplier.


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