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Account managers at Kenmold never hope that something goes wrong with projects, but that's not to say that it cannot happen. We are all humans and sometimes mistakes can be made, but at Kenmold we pride ourselves on our problem solving. Whether it is poor communication or a tooling problem, we do all we can to make sure the issue is taken care of and doesn't happen again.

Communication problems can occur on some projects, but we always stress to customers that we relay any and all information from China to them the very next day. No points are left out and we explain it the easiest way we know how. When it comes to a tooling error, our quality control team as well as our engineers don't stop until the issue is taken care of. We know deadlines come up and solving the problem puts us that much closer to completing your project correctly and on time. Leave it to us here at Kenmold and we won't let you down. If you want to start a project with Kenmold send us an email and one of our skilled account managers will help you ASAP.


Angelo Rodriguez,Account Manager of KNA


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