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Kenmold are always trying to obtain the newest and most efficient tools on the market.


To perform certain jobs, you need the correct tools and if those tools are top of the line than that makes completing a job that much easier. We agree with that theory at Kenmold and are always trying to obtain the newest and most efficient tools on the market.Not only does this help us with manufacturing, but it gives our customers piece of mind knowing that we have the appropriate tools for any of their projects.

Some of the machines that help us in day to day operation are our CNC Machines. We have 16 sets and we also have a 5-axis machine. The 5-axis is special because it has an accuracy of +- 0.002. We also have 9 sets of EDM Machines and one of them is a mirror EDM. Of these 9 sets some are single head and others are double head.

Tools and equipment help make a project progress smoothly and efficiently. Let us handle that for you and send us a quote here at Kenmold!


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