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Innovation is key in the injection molding industry.


Innovation is key in the injection molding industry. At Kenmold, our engineers innovate product design and implementation from idea to final product. Whether it is the medical engineers at Innosurge, or Kenmold Tools and Plastic Parts, we take Chinese injection molding to a whole new level.

Starting with design and drawing, our project tracking system innovates the way customers keep track of their injection molding project. With total solution service and state of the art equipment, our team is constantly innovating the way injection molding is done. We are ISO certified for both automotive and medical equipment, while providing a Class 4, Grade 10,000 clean room, to handle even the most complex injection molding projects.

Finally, our value-added services are unlike any other in the Chinese market. With highly skilled employees in both China and America, we are changing the way people think of Chinese manufacturers. Innovating service, manufacturing, and solutions from start to finish. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about how Kenmold can innovate in your business.


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