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In any business partnership, clear and effective communication is key


In any business partnership, clear and effective communication is key. A mold supplier like Kenmold is no exception to this. We pride ourselves in our ability to effectively communicate with our customers, which saves time and money for both parties. Our team in North America communicates directly with you, the customer, and relays that information to the team in China to allow for seamless, truly 24 hour per day progress on any injection molding project that may come our way.
As an example, say a customer has a 2 shot molding project that they send to our team at 3:00 PM central time, our North America staff communicates with the customer until the end of the work day to ensure all of the information is ready for the China factory. Then, the China team gets to work on preliminary processes for the project while the North America team is sleeping. When we wake up, the work is ready to be reviewed by the customer. This process allows for Kenmold’s shorter lead times and higher customer satisfaction.

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