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A mold tooling, molding and medical device OEM manufacturer in China


There are many different industries in our world that vary from household appliances to medical instruments. Different companies are creating new tools/products to advance their industry and improve performance daily. Some businesses have their own manufacturers that take these ideas and constantly update until all parties are satisfied, but what if your business doesn't have their own tool shop? Do you have a reliable manufacturer ready for any and all projects? How about Kenmold?

Kenmold China

Kenmold is a leading off-shore mold builder in the United States with over 20 years of experience. In addition, Kenmold’s campus is equipped for any project big or small. Whether it is an automotive component that requires a higher tonnage or a precise medical instrument that needs to be manufactured/packaged in our certified clean room, Kenmold can handle it. We also have a North American branch to the company consisting of account managers to assist you through the entire manufacturing process. Instead of asking if Kenmold can manufacture for you just let us know when we can start.


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