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1.It is Disposable, to avoid cross infection. 
2.The puncturing needle uses blunt-pointed design, to avoid any damage to organ.
3.The guiding tube of trocar has a special threaded structure, and can be stably fixed on the abdominal wall after puncturing, to ensure that the operation can be successfully conducted.
4.There are multiple trocars with different pipe diameters and different specifications that can be selected, and trocars with different pipe diameters can be used in coordination with different instruments
5.It has favorable gas-barrier property and leakproofness and can effectively prevent the air from leaking during operation. 
6.The puncturing needle is made of completely transparent materials and is hollow on the inside, and the endoscope can enter and exit smoothly and the video signal is clear. 
7.The product applies electron beam irradiation for sterilization, without any chemical residue. 

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